Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our CNC laser burning technology offers the highest quality finish to the cut surface compared with plasma or oxy-fuel cutting.  Our machine’s position tolerance is .002 with a cutting tolerance within .007. We cut up to ¾” thick.  Our laser machine is 50” by 100” and utilizes state of art design and nesting software.

laser cutting

Laser Cutting Machines

The laser cutting machines TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5060 represent high productivity, efficiency, and high-quality results. They are characterized by speed and reliable processes. Diverse automation solutions and intelligent functions guarantee excellent results in continuous operation – the smooth edges produced by the CO2 laser also offer clear-cut benefits. The perfect machine for excellent laser cutting.

Extremely smooth cutting edges with BrightLine

The BrightLine cutting procedure, the interaction between innovative components and a flow-optimized nozzle, enables the highest quality cuts to be made in thick stainless steel and mild steel. Particularly in stainless steel, the BrightLine fusion cutting produces an especially high-quality cutting edge – a clear-cut mark of quality. This results in considerably less reworking, or often even no reworking at all.

Thin stainless steel

You can achieve perfect quality in thin stainless steel – even in intricate contours: The edges are burr-free and rework is no longer required.

Thick mild steel cut with CoolLine

The CoolLine process specifically cools the workpiece during laser cutting. This enables new geometries and considerably increases process reliability in thick mild steel.