Friction Pilings

Friction Pilings can offer a cost effective alternative to traditional pilings or caissons due to the reduced depth required for desired load capacity. This is due to the increased frictional resistance created by the tapered shape being driven. The advantage of friction pilings is that the soil condition will be able to carry a substantial higher load when the pile is tapered. They can be made in various shapes and sizes to accommodate soil and capacity considerations. The polygonal tapered lower section usually has 12 sides, with bottom and top diameters that vary from 6” to 50”. The length can range from 6’ to 35’. Grade 50 steel is typically used, with higher grades available upon request. The thickness can range from 3/16” to 5/8”. Circularization of the top of the polygon conforms to the diameter of the steel pipe extension and a butt weld assures development of the full strength of the piling elements.

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