Type of Steel Structures Does Your Utility Project Need?

If you are working for a cost-effective Utility Project, considering the type of Steel Structures required for it, is indeed an essential task.  Due to unpredictable weather and heavy wear and tear, we design and fabricate new structures that are functional and yet affordable.

What is a steel structure?

The steel structure is a metal structure, made of structural steel components wherein they connect to carry loads and provide full firmness. Steel has immensely high-strength, which makes it reliable and requires less raw materials than other types of structures like concrete structure and timber structure.

Steel structures are used in modern construction for virtually any type of structure, including extensive industrial building, road, bridge, tower, an airport terminal, industrial plant, and much more.

Let’s know more about steel structures.

Type of Steel Structures:

There are typically two types of Steel Structures for Utility Projects –

Standard Shape Steel Structures –

Steels used for building construction in the US are Standard Shape Steel Structures recognized by ASTM International. These steels have an alloy identification that starts with A and then two, three, or four numbers. We are project management experts and have vast resources. We effortlessly mix standard shape materials for our projects. The standard steel structure for projects can be used for lighter loads or have a compact low-voltage design or the one that takes shorter lead-time.

Commonly Used Structural Steel- 

  • Carbon Steel
  • High-strength low alloy steels
  • Corrosion-resistant high strength low alloy steels
  • Quenched and tempered alloy steels
  • Forged Steel

Tapered Tubular Steel Structures –

The fabricated tapered tubular steel structures are electric transmission structures in the United States. Tubular steel products are much cheaper options for transmission lines as against other products such as wood, lattice steel, tapered and other formed steel poles. In-fact all H-frame, single and double circuit, single pole, and Y-guyed structure designs prove to be an economical option and a high-quality transmission line design. The tapered tubular steel structures can be used for heavy loads, higher voltage, Aesthetic effects, high-tension pull-offs, and refraction concerns.

As per every utility project’s applicable specifications, the steel sections can form different shapes, sizes and gauges made through hot or cold rolling, and others through welding together flat or bent plates.

The reasons why the steel structure is the best choice-

  1. Cost savings
  2. Creativity
  3. Control and Management
  4. Durability

Browning Enterprises Inc. has been pioneers in the Structural Steel Processing industry and works efficiently for all steel structures buildings, pre-engineered poles, transmission poles, or substation structures, as per your exact needs and specifications. We meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency, and international quality standards.

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