What Steel Processing and Fabrication Company do?

The steel processing and fabrication is a manufacturing process used to make steel structure, hardware, tools, and containers. Steel Processing industries specialize in metal works and work on forming a desired shape through a piece of iron or steel by cutting, bending, punching, drilling, rolling, welding, scrubbing, and polishing.


  • Steel Cutting
  • Steel Welding 
  • Steel and Metal Burning
  • CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Steel Bending, Curving & Rolling
  • Steel Milling, Punching & Drilling
  • Steel Fabrication & Machining 
  • Steel Piping & Tubing Fabrication

Industries Need Steel Works:

  • Infrastructure Development Company
  • Construction and Heavy Industries
  • Utility & Services Companies
  • Electricity Distribution Company 
  • Network and Communication Company
  • Automotive Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Agriculture and Food Processing Industries

Steel Cutting:

Custom metal cutting and slicing are done by laser-guided CNC, and an electric saw to make the pieces of steel pipes, rod, and brick according to use. 

Steel Welding:

Steel welding is a process to bind pieces of metal together. None of the steel fabrication processes can be complete without welding.

Metal Burning:

Metal plate burning capabilities include Plasma, Laser, and OXY-fuel burning. CNC technology ensures the accuracy to achieve the desired shape.  

CNC Plasma Cutting:

CNC Plasma Cutting is a process of cutting steel by using an accelerated jet of the hot plasma torch. The system is used by the steel processing and fabrication industry due to its accuracy and speed. 

Bending and Curving:

Curving, rolling, and bending steel beams, channels, angles, tees, pipe, and HSS are used on the desired radius and arc to achieve shape for large and small steel structures. This process is also known as structural rolling and bending.

Steel Milling, Punching & Drilling:

This is the process of making holes in the metal plates, poles, beams, and channels to fix the steel structure in the desired shape.  

Fabrication & Machining:

Steel Fabrication Company uses the machining to remove material from a workpiece and steel bar using a power-driven machine.

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